Water for Peace

Much care was taken in designing the Water for Peace label. We learned from developing the Water More Precious Than Gold label that words are powerful. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan describes in his book Messages From Water how water responds to that which surrounds it. By photographing the crystalline structure of frozen water, Dr. Emoto demonstrated how music, words, pictures, and intention actually changed the quality of the water inside the container. The words chosen create "high vibration water" within the bottle, and enhance the already delicious spring water we are using.

Send a message of peace into yourself by drinking artesian spring water wrapped in a totally positive, inspirational and beautiful water label; then send a message in the bottle to your favorite politician.

Water Impressions

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8 half- liter bottles Peace Water

Activist Kit

8 half liter bottles (with sport caps) of Water For Peace for $20 - shipped to you anywhere in the US.
Shipping, handling, and taxes are included in price inside the USA. $20.00


5 liter bottles Peace Water 5 - one liter bottles of Water For Peace with sport caps.
Shipping, handling, and taxes are included in price inside the USA. $20.00

Political Action Water

5-Pack of Self-Adhesive Labels

label Water is heavy to ship ("a pint, a pound, the world around"). Sometimes you don't need the H20 itself, just the label to help make a splash on your favorite politician's desk. Use these labels as sticker letterhead, or wrap them around any bottle to make it a political action mailer that will get noticed in the letter pile!
Price includes 5 Water For Peace labels, shipping, handling, and taxes inside the USA. $5.00

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