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Messages for Your Bottle

Recycling a bottle with a political message as a mailing tube turns a consumer into an activist.
Find the address of your Elected Officials in Washington.
Or mail a message to these politicians:

Scrotus Speaker of the House US Senate Majority Leader
1600 Pennsylvania Av.
Washington DC
H 232 The Capitol
Washington DC
317 Russell Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC

Clean Water

Threats to clean water are a threat to human rights. It is essential that all humans and animals have access to clean water. Supporting the Clean Water Act and similar laws is essential to protect our ground water, drinking water, rivers and streams. Do not dismantle the EPA. Protect clean air and clean water. Enforce laws that are meant to protect water resources. The bottom line is that the water crisis is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of protecting people's basic human right to safe, affordable drinking water. Nobody should have to wonder if the water coming from his or her tap is safe. And nobody should have to decide between paying for water service or groceries. Water is Life!
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Climate Change

The number of catastrophic and unusual weather events is increasing as global temperatures rise. A great majority of scientists tell us that this is due to the amount of carbon humans are pumping into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels are one of the greatest causes of this. The United States government needs to be a leader in changing the amount of carbon we produce. Petroleum, coal and gas consumption needs to be phased out and replaced by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Do not lessen the emission standard goals set by previous administrations.
The “Black Snakes” of oil pipelines need to end. Saying no to the Keystone XL pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline, and others needs to happen. We cannot continue to support petroleum infrastructure if we want to stop climate change. No money or support to oil and gas pipelines!
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Treaty Rights

Treaties with sovereign Native Nations need to be recognized and honored. Many native ancestors died to protect their future generations, sacrificing to stand up for their rights. The First Peoples rights need to be supported. Industrial pollution cannot be allowed to contaminate tribal water or land.
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Nuclear Proliferation

The production of Nuclear power and weapons must be stopped. Treaties that stop nuclear proliferation must be encouraged and signed. Every nuclear power plant or atomic weapon facility is a potential terrorist target and must be shut down and decommissioned. Leave uranium in the ground. Stop nuclear production around the world. In the words of Phillip Berrigan: “I die with the conviction, held since 1968 and Catonsville, that nuclear weapons are the scourge of the earth; to mine for them, manufacture them, deploy them, use them, is a curse against God, the human family, and the earth itself.”
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No Private Prisons

Corporate run prisons operate by creating criminals. They often are guaranteed an occupancy rate that forces the courts to create more criminals. Often private prisons use prisoners as slave labor creating huge profits at the cost of misery. Leave the job of incarceration to the states and federal run prison systems. Insist the Department of Corrections include rehabilitation. Stop mass incarceration as the inhuman punishment in prison creates a vicious cycle of recidivism.
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Promote Peace

The destructive and horrific bombin attacks on the people of Afghanistan and Syria as well as the continuous threat of bombing North Korea has set the entire world on edge. The lack of willingness to negotiate and the constant war posturing can only lead to more war, violence and human devastation. The BILLIONS of our tax dollars used to destroy each other could do so much more if used to feed, educate and provide help to those in need.

The concern for the Syrian children who were victims of chemical weapons can never be rectified by dropping bombs on other children. When will we learn that "violence only begets more violence"?

Our country is now seen as the aggressor and the terrorist to most people throughout the world. Stop this madness.
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